Tales of Penundra

A Moonlit Riverwalk

Rain, rain, go away....

Our brave heroes, having spent the better part of a week running from the Mystic of Lorehaven and their entourage, decided to take a break near the edge of the Mud Creek. A light shower did little to improve their mood, and the three begin arguing with their host, the aloof and ever-rude Eva Preed.

Only some timely answers and veiled-threats from their employer keep things calm and the assasssin began to lay out their plan once they reach Dolraven.

However, the keen-eyed Nicolas Cage noticed a strange phenomenon – the light rain turned into a thunderstorm and the little river was swiftly becoming a flood. With a shout, he rousts the others and they begin a mad dash along the edge of the river. The cliffs have them trapped and the four are forced up the side of the cliff as the rapids grow in strength behind them.

To make matters worse, elemental figures began to rise out of the gushing torrent and the heroes realize that this is no natural flood. The Mystics have somehow bent the sky itself to their whims and are looking to drown the butchers of Greenhill like rats in a barrel.

Fortunately, the party spied a cave in the side of the cliff and hurried inside. The four then shoved a large boulder over the entrance, mere seconds before the onrushing flood. The heroes then decided to explore their new hideout, only to discover that in all the excitement, Eva Preed was missing.

Their payday gone, and more importantly, that incredibly valuable crate with it, the three heroes decided they would do the noble and try to rescue poor Eva.

As they explored the dark ruins, they discovered the place was overrun with Apsu, the ancient snakefolk, whose fallen structures still haunt the darkest places of Penundra. Ezio and Tandros make short work of the first group, but Nicolas Cage found himself face to face with yet another beast – a strange half-man, half-apsu fumbling around in the dark.

He tried to reason with it, but the poor creature only shrieked in pain and attacked, forcing him to put it out of it’s misery. He filched a strange-looking key from it’s pocket and the three realized that it matched the glowing door at the end of a particularly ornate tunnel with a disturbing door.

Expecting a fight, or at least more Apsu trickery, the three burst into the room weapons draw and found an overgrown Apsu Prophet performing some bizarre rite on Eva Preed while the rest of the Apsu shrieked and hissed at the crate she’d been carrying.

While Tandros rained blows on the Apsu Warriors, Ezio charged the Prophet and with a single slice, separated the creature’s head from it’s body. Nicolas frees Eva and the four collected their things and made their way out of the tunnels with haste….



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