Tales of Penundra

Greenhill's Dirty Little Secret

The plot thickens....

The virtuous and unstoppable team of Ezio Auditore, Nicholas Cage, and Tandros ‘Motherfucking’ Kreel is gathering tonight for another delve into the Penundran Wilderness and we would be remiss if we didn’t provide a recap on what happened in our previous session.

After our mighty heroes conquered the brutal Ogre and a cave full of Goblins, they returned to Greenhill with a month’s worth of stolen supplies and a strange symbol torn off a cart. Close examination of the symbol revealed it was a sigil of one of the great houses of Kanthon, a large and powerful city found on the western coast of Penundra.

While the Magistrate of Greenhill wasn’t particularly interested in the details, the Warden personally hired the heroes to not only guard the town, but to interrogate a thief the guards found in the woods.

To our heroes surprise, the thief introduced herself as Eva Preed told them that Greenhill was sitting on top of the something big, powerful, and incredibly valuable. If they agreed to help her and her cohorts, the Kanthonite who hired her would make them very wealthy.

After weighing her offer, the heroes agreed to betray Captain Par and attack the town in the dead of night. They unleashed an Armored Ogre on the unsuspecting guards and managed to wipe out the entire militia in a matter of minutes. However, the Ogre had plans of its own and while the heroes prepared to steal away with the artifact, the Armored Ogre attacked and nearly brought Tandros to his knees.

Fortunately, Nicholas and Ezio took down the beast while its back was turned and the three grabbed the crate and disappeared into the forest.

After viewing the mysterious head inside the box, the heroes met with Eva who paid them each handsomely and invited them to follow her to Dolraven where they could take a ship to meet her employer.

At the promise of gold and influence, the heroes followed her into the trees, leaving a devastated town in their wake….



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