Tales of Penundra

Scenario 1 - The Mindflayer's Lair

Tabula Rasa

The heroes awoke in cold dark cavern with no weapons, no gear, and no memory of how they’d gotten there. Investigation slowly revealed that the heroes had been trapped by some unknown entity and were left to scavenge the tunnels around them. After a frightening encounter with some heavily armored Mezzodemons, the group managed to track down their stolen memories and recover their original quest.

They had been sent by the Content Not Found: ivan-dunathor to discover what had happened to a band of heroes a month earlier. None of the heroes remembered how they were captured but one thing was certain: whatever had trapped them here would never let them leave.

As they reached the mouth of the cave, they found the the creature behind their torment. It was a horrific mindflayer that had drained the other heroes of their free-will and were using them as pawns for its own nefarious purposes.

The otherworldy creature attacked with fury, dazing the heroes with bizarre mind-powers and turning their former comrades into twisted abominations. The creature itself easily evaded the heroes attacks with dark illusions and dealt wound after wound to the haggard band.

However, as the creature’s thralls tore into the party and all hope seemed lost, the brave Brandis Skyhunter, after a hours of misfires and mistakes, sent an arrow straight through the eye socket of the twisted creature, ending it’s rule over the thralls and freeing the heroes from the bowels of the earth.

The brave heroes collected the sigils of their fallen comrades and set out for the town of Rookwood



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