Tales of Penundra

Scenario 3 - Trees and Tunnels

A Narrow Escape

After carving their way through the Drow and taking down the leader Estivara, the heroes were faced with a grisly scene. Mangled corpses were strewn throughout the tunnels and not a single room had escaped unscathed. Something had been lurking in the Drow Caverns and its wanton slaughter had driven the dark elves to desperation.

With a sense of trepidation, the heroes revive the fallen Tandros with one of their precious potions and decide to explore the caverns. After moving through a particularly narrow passage, the heroes come across a cave with a pile of rusted weapons and an innocuous chest at one end.

Wary for traps, the party sent forth Brandis Skyhunter and Rhogar dragonspine to investigate, hoping that their speed and strength would be a match for whatever danger awaited. However, the chest seemed perfectly harmless and the heroes were able to obtain an instant rune from its recesses.

However, still feeling something was amiss, the heroes determined that they should burn the chest and prepared themselves for whatever trap awaited. Their caution was rewarded for as soon as the mystic set the chest aflame, a steel giant burst from the pile of weapons and crashed through the chest, catching fire as it passed through the wreckage. The construct seemed completely unaffected by the fire and charged towards the surprised mystic, dealing him a massive blow with its longsword.

The other heroes sprang into action and attempted to corner the figure, raining arrows and blows on it from all direction. But to their dismay, the Juggernaut seemed to shrug off all wounds with annoyance and magically enhanced its armor, turning it into a walking death machine. With a single swipe, it severely wounded Tandros, Rhogar, and the mystic and all hope seemed lost.

However, a spell from the wounded mystic revealed that the Juggernaut was being controlled by a powerful entity far away from the lowly Drow caverns. Seeing that they couldn’t bring the construct down and they couldn’t sever the connection to its master, they decided to run and live to fight another day.

The ranger’s keen eye had spotted a pile of rocks suspended over the entrance to the narrow passage and while the heroes lured the creature into position, he and the mystic cut the bonds that held it to the ceiling. The resulting avalanche crashed down on the construct, burying it in a ton of rock and sealing the cavern entrance.

Wearily, the heroes returned to Rookwood to claim their reward, only to discover the town in ruins and all the townspeople dead. They stumbled across a mortally wounded Krix di Rhoe holding a bloodstained letter and mumbling about “death from the skies”.

The heroes read the letter and discovered the dwarven keep of Stonewatch was under constant attack by the Giants of Hellsforge. Captain Fritz Arganis of the Frontier Watch was requesting aid and asked that the Rookwood militia sweep through the Shale Forest for Lieutenent Rathar and his scouts.

Realizing that the only way to garner favor with the magistrate and to stop more bloodshed was to move on, the heroes collect what they can from the town and head to the Shale Forest. Once in side, they hear shouts and discover Lieutenant Rathar and his people under attack from a group of strange looking wolves. After driving off the beasts, the Lieutenant reveals that they were no ordinary wolves but instead were vicious Werewolves, demons of the night. Shale Forest had become overrun with them over the last month or so and his own team had gotten separated in the last attack. He feared that if the men in his patrol don’t return before sundown, they won’t make it.

Fortunately, the heroes managed to catch up with the patrol before they were killed by another group of werewolves. Unfortunately, they group had been wounded and none of them admitted that they’d been bitten.

Things got tense as the brothers in the group were ready to flee, but an impassioned speech by Rhogar convinced the bitten brother to sacrifice himself so the others may live. The brother allowed himself to be tied and beheaded once he changed. It was a somber moment for the party and after taking a moment to honor the patrol member’s sacrifice, the heroes returned to Lieutenant Rathar who thanked them for their courage and dedication to doing what was right.

Lieutenant Rathar then tells the heroes that all of this pain and death is on the head of the being in Grommel Keep. If there is to be any hope of peace in these lands, it must be destroyed…



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