Tales of Penundra

The Captain's Court

The adventure begins....

Our heroes, Tandros Kreel, Ezio Auditore, and Nicholas Cage, found themselves in irons after accidently ransacking the mansion of the Magistrate of Greenhill, a small farming village on the southern tip of Penundra.

Despite the heroes insistence that they were only trying to help, the Warden of Greenhill was less than impressed with their methods and decided that the only way our heroes would be able to redeem themselves as to clear out the Goblins from the hills nearby.

After determining which direction to search and gaining the goodwill of the townspeople, the heroes returned to Captain Par and received some basic supplies, training, and the promise of gold on their return.

The following morning, the heroes set out for the goblin-infested caves and to their great surprise, found an ogre waiting amidst the excitable little beasts. The hulking brute was more than a match for the heroes and only a lucky strike by Ezio managed to fell the beast before it could tear Tandros Kreel limb from limb.

Nicolas Cages’ skill with throwing knives managed to slay the remaining goblins and the heroes discovered that someone or something had been supplying the creatures with food and weapons.

The heroes broke off a strange symbol from a cart of supplies and brought it to the Captain, hoping to find answers and, naturally, collecting their hard-earned gold….



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