Tales of Penundra

When in Dolraven....

....do as the Kanthonite's do

Having escaped from the bizarre and terrifying Apsu crypt, the heroes finally arrived at the city of Dolraven. Almost immediately upon arrival, Eva Preed gave them vague instructions, a sack of gold and disappeared into the crowd.

Feeling confused yet moderately wealthy, our heroes decided to shore up some weaknesses in their personal lives and after squeezing some extra coinage out of the Dolraven treasury courtesy of their handy receipts from Greenhill, finally get a chance to develop their skills.

The stalwart Tandros Kreel became both a champion of arms and a champion of the written word, while Ezio Auditore learned the art of defending of his fellow hero. Nicolas Cage meanwhile, developed his skills in both the wilderness and the bow and is on his way to becoming a true patron of the Wild.

After spending a few weeks developing their skills (and spending their coin on food, drink, and rigged games of chance), the heroes are given a note from a Eva Preed telling them to find the captain of Scully Maid for passage to Kanthon.

Unfortunately, the Scully Maid has been impounded by authorities and while Captain Daria would be delighted to provide passage, she can’t even go near her ship without getting clapped in irons.

Fortunately, our heroes had a plan and in the dead of night, on the day detailed by Eva Preed, they sprang into action.

Nicolas snuck into the guards barracks and not only found a few uniforms that just happen to fit the party, but a seal used by the Captain of the Guard himself. A forged noted by Tandros Kreel and some smooth words by Ezio got the crew of the Scully Maid passed the garrison and onto the ship without an ounce of bloodshed.

However in the berth nearby, Tandros Kreel, who was attempting to sabotage one of their possible pursuers, found the guards dead and the deck of the ship deserted. As he stepped aboard, he caught a glimpse of a dark figure dowsing the deck in some kind of fluid and diving off the edge and realized that Eva Preed had taken matters into her own hands.

Tandros dove off the side of the ship (taking care to get as much of the viscous liquid off of his boots as possible) and climbed up the side of the Scully Maid, just as a ship at the far end of the harbor burst into flames.

All along the bay, ships were exploding into brilliant displays of orange and yellow and the guards couldn’t help but notice that the only ship still intact was the Scully Maid. Archers began raining fire on the deck and our heroes fought back, with Ezio actually leaping back onto the dock to ward off an enraged guard with some brilliant swordplay.

Once the dock was clear and the heroes back on board, Captain Daria gave the order and the ship sailed into the night, leaving a ruined Dolraven in its wake…..



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