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Tales of Penundra is a custom RPG developed by a single person with far too much time on his hands. The game system borrows from all sorts of other RPGs while cannibalizing the tactical combat, health, and terrain mechanics from the Heroscape miniature game (discontinued 2010).

Due to the developer’s inexperience and laziness, a majority of the games core concepts are derived from the d20 system popularized by the Dungeons and Dragons series.

For rules and products to play a real roleplaying game, head to their website (link above).
Giant dragon
However, if you’ve made it this far and still haven’t gotten distracted by Youtube or internet porn, follow the link below to discover more about how to play this bizarre game.
The Game System of Penundra

And if that doesn’t sate your desire for useless knowledge, feel free to browse the next link for some background information on the strange land of Penundra.
The World of Penundra

Main Page

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