History and Nature
Crawling from the caves and deep pits beneath the Penundran surface, the Mezzodemons have had a place in the nightmares of the civilized races for centuries. Though not true Demons, the insectoid creatures have nonetheless managed to inspire revulsion and fear wherever they appear, partially as a result of their appearance and mostly due to the utter ruthlessness they display towards outsiders.


Unlike other sapient creatures, the Mezzodemons have almost universal hatred for anything that dwells on the surface of Penundra and will go out of their way to slaughter any beings who stray to close to their underground homes. Mining villages and groups like the Drow live under the constant threat of Mezzodemon raids and require constant vigilance to protect against the vicious creatures.

Physical Attributes
A typical Mezzodemon stands roughly the same height of a human or elf but has significantly longer arms that end in pincers and is covered in dark chitinous armor. The creatures have insect-like wings on their backs, but do not appear capable of flight. Though Mezzodemons utterly despise surface dwellers, some appear to have learned a few basic phrases in the common tongue and speak with short, brusque phrases, usually punctuating their intent with sharp movements.

Every Mezzodemon is covered in a protective exoskeleton strong enough to withstand blows that would kill lesser beings and some experienced warriors may have two or three layers of natural armor. The creatures also emit a toxic gas that can confuse and disorient other beings and are quite skilled in the use of their underground tridents.

Society and Culture
Due to their extremely isolated nature, little is known about Mezzodemon culture outside of their raiding parties. And while the beasts will occasionally steal food from surface dwellers, most raiders seem intent on destruction and mayhem, with little thought given to any larger strategy or plan.

That is not to say the beasts aren’t intelligent, as their raiding parties are organized and well equipped. Rather, they seem to have no interest in driving settlers out, so much as killing those that stray near their “territory”.


Mezzodemon Types:

Mezzodemon Warmonger (Squad of Two)
Move – 5
Range – 4
Atk – 3
Def – 3
Life – 1


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