History and Nature
Brutish and violent, Ogres have roamed the wilderness of Penundra for ages. Distinct from the Giants of the mountain ranges, Ogres share the large beings tendency for violence and utter disregard for the smaller folk of Penundra. However, those who mistake their cruelty for idiocy can find themselves caught by surprise when a seemingly dumb Ogre draws a party into a well-laid trap and buries the unsuspecting heroes under piles of rock and debris. Unlike the more beast-like Trolls, Ogres have enough intelligence to retreat when outnumbered and seek to gain advantage on their foes.
Vicious ogre
Physical Attributes
Ogres have natural thick skin strong enough to ward off glancing blows and their strength and power is surpassed only by the much larger giants. Ogres lack the skills and desire to craft weapons or build settlements, but will readily take advantage of any tools they find in the wreckage of a farm house or barracks.

Society and Culture
The large beings are nomadic by choice and tend to avoid other Ogres out of respect versus idiocy. If an Ogre has taken up residency in an area, it is almost guaranteed to have a specific reason for staying there, whether it be an easy supply of food, convenient shelter against the elements, or a staging ground for a raid on the poorly defended farms of the Penundran north. The brute’s mobility is perhaps its greatest strength, as numerous crusades to rid the wilderness of Ogres has simply spread them far and wide. Younger Ogres are usually the only ones reckless enough to attack fortified settlements and those foolish youth are culled from the species in short order.

Some savvy communities have managed to coexist with a nearby Ogre, though determining which villages were victims of random Ogre attacks and which ones provoked one through attempted negotiations is no easy feat.

On occasion, Ogres will work with other beings, mostly for a short-term mutual benefit. Some of the larger Orc groups seek out Ogres when their own strength is insufficient and the two make a versatile and deadly team. The Orcs proficiency for weapons and armor have resulted in some well-armored and equipped Ogres terrorizing communities and militias with devastating results.
Ogre battle
It is rumored that even Giants will equip Ogres and use them as heavy raiders in an effort to stretch the defender’s forces thin and draw attention away from their own forces, but few witnesses have survived to confirm this…


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