History and Nature
Orcs! Few names conjure up more emotion in native Penundrans than those few letters and with good reason. Orcs have been at times conquerors, saviors, destroyers, and peace-bringers to the people of Penundra and have a history as storied as any of the major races.

Due to the wildly divergent nature, Orcs are usually divided into 3 Subtypes: Gruts, Deathchasers, and Hobgoblins

Gruts are the most numerous type of Orc and have inhabited the plains of Penundra for centuries. Unlike other Orcs, Gruts have a much more developed culture and utilize tools and stake territory like many of the other races. They have a fairly stable tribal system of leadership and their own language, history, and culture.

This also means that when relations with the Gruts turn sour, their enemies now have a large, mobile, and well equipped army headed their way. And while other groups of Orcs have forge temporary alliances with some of Penundrans Giants, Ogres and Trolls, the Gruts have tamed the Saurians of the wild grasses and ride the savage beasts into battle, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Deathchasers of Thesk
A more savage and warlike type of Orc, the Deathchasers of Thesk were on offshoot of their Gruts ancestors that were expelled for their violent behavior. They took up residence in the hills near the Coastal Ridge and developed their own twisted version of Grut culture, focusing less on maintaining their nomadic territory, and more on killing and pillaging the homes of the civilized beings of Penundra.

Though far less numerous than the Grut Orcs of the plains, the Deathchasers have spent centuries forming temporary alliances with vicious creatures like Ogres and other large beasts in an effort to turn the normally reclusive being’s terrible power against the rest of the world. As a result, even a small group of Deathchasers can be quite dangerous and more than one small town have been overrun by what they assumed was a “small” group of Deathchasers with an unseen Ogre in tow.

Hobgoblins, while not true orcs, originally come from the twisted union of Deathchasers and Goblins and created a race somehow larger and more cunning than either group on their own. Hobgoblins appear to have inherited their small ancestors pack instincts and travel in tightly knit groups, working in concert to overtake larger prey. However, they also inherited the intelligence and ambition of the Deathchasers and can lead large groups of various other creatures with devastating effectiveness. This combined with their larger size makes Hobgoblins the most dangerous of all the Orcs, simply because they have the strength and cunning of the Deathchasers while lacking the culture and tact of the Gruts. Wars with the yellow-furred beasts always result in terrible losses on both sides.

The only thing keeping the Hobgoblins in check are the constant warfare inherent to their kind and the occasional crusade by more civilized beings.


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