The town of Rookwood was a small farming community near the northwestern edge of the Silven Glade. Though the land surrounding it is quite fertile, the network of tunnels underneath are frequent havens for all manner of unsavory creatures. After the events of the last Prestige Games almost 100 years prior, the town has remained uninhabited.

Rookwood was founded by a small group of farmers looking to get out of the shadows of the Coastal Ridge and discontent with the more urban lifestyle offered by the Silven Glade. The land itself is actually devoid of the strange silvens that make up the Silven Forest and is home to the much more mundane pines that dot the northern landscape.

A few decades after its founding, the first and only mining operation was taken up by a group young farmers hoping to strike it rich with an offshoot vein of Silven Ore. To their dismay, the tunnels of Rookwood, though quite accessible, had none of the valuable mineral and after several years of digging, they gave up, leaving the interconnected tunnel system the town is now infamous for.

The town’s proximity to the Coastal Ridge and its relatively flat landscape made it ideal for the nearby Stonewatch Keep to route supplies and manpower.

However, after the town fell to the abyssal cultists it was labeled a memorial site and will likely not be rebuilt for years to come….


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