Silven Glade

The largest and most prosperous city in the Penundran north, the Silven Glade is a testament to the strength and virility of the almighty coin. Nestled deep in the Silven Forest and at the foot of the Coastal Ridge, the city is second only to the Capitol in terms of wealth and influence.

The towns surrounding the city come and go but Silven Glade remains, because of two separate but equally important features: the Silven Lake, which features dozens of rivers flowing to the rest of the land and the greatest treasure the land has ever seen, Silven Ore.

This precious metal, pulled from beneath the surface of the Silven Forest, has insured a steady stream of wealth for the town almost as soon as the metal’s unique properties were discovered. The armies and militias want it for its durability and keen edge, the Mystics want it for its magical properties, and the various cities want it, because whoever can outfit the previous two groups holds real power. While Decha is still the premier city of Penundra, it has always and will continue to pay for that superiority to their wealthy “allies” in the north. As a result, the relationship between the Silven Glade and the capitol is contingent entirely on what the two can provide for each other, a situation neither is particularly fond of.

The Silven Glade, despite its large deposits of ore and countless trees, cannot grow nearly enough food to feed itself or maintain the city. The Silven Forest resist all but the hardiest crops and the Mining Guild does not dare cut down more forest then absolutely necessary, lest their magical ore disappears.

Without shipments from the outside world, the grand city would wither up and die as its people either followed the food or starved. And so the Silven Glade is in the unique position of being incredibly wealthy yet entirely dependent on the rest of the land.

Silven Glade

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