Silven Ore

Silven Ore is a strong yet lightweight material that with certain alchemic and magical processing can make incredibly durable weapons and armor. Unlike the iron, bronze, and copper mines of the rest of the land, Silven Ore is only found in the region underneath the Silven Forest and seems to have been affected by the same magics that run through the veins of the mystical trees that cover the face of the land. It has single-handedly made the Silven Glade one of the major powers in the land of Penundra and is one of the most sought after material in the civilized world.

Though steel armor, weapons, and tools dominate the average town or settlement, silven blades are considered the cream of the crop and can outmatch any other tool for strength, resilience, and reliability. Silven Ore forged weapons never lose their edge and can with repeated blows, cut through steel swords while arrows forged with the metal can easily pierce non-silven armor.

Silven Ore is also the only known metal that can be used to channel the powers of a mystic and a competent mystical swordsmen can set their blade on fire and cut through enemies with the strength of the Divine Four.

As a result, the Silven Mines are the single most heavily guarded regions of the north. The wealth and prosperity brought to the Silven Glade by the precious mineral has all but ensured that any attempt at controlling the land of Penundra requires an alliance with the well-equipped city to the north.

Silven Ore

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