The Heroes

The world of Penundra is a strange and wondrous place filled with rolling hills, majestic mountains, and ancient ruins waiting to be rediscovered. It’s also full of all sorts of large beasts, nasty spirits, and brutish people looking to tear the hapless limb from limb and take their money. The people of the land have long since learned to defend themselves and any adventurer worth their salt knows a trick or two to keep their head on their shoulders.

Of course, no hero is born skilled. Instead, the people of Penundra seek out masters of their respective field to teach them the secrets of surviving the dangers of the wild. Most heroes come from a particular background and by the time they set out on adventures have typically been trained in one of 4 basic classes: Warriors, Mystics, Rogues, and Clerics.

Warriors are the backbone of any party and often carry the heaviest weapons, have the toughest skin, and can deal the most direct damage. They are naturally athletic and confront the wild through their own physical prowess.

Mystics are heroes who’ve forsaken the strength of the flesh to focus on the strength of the mind. They wield the awesome powers of the Divine elements against friend and foe alike and with enough study and training can topple even the mightiest of foes.

Not all heroes can afford to confront the world head on, and the cunning Rogue knows there’s always another way to get what they want. This crafty hero is adept in the art of subtly, manipulation, and surgical precision and can navigate both the wild and the civilized world with unmatched skill.

While the other heroes rely on their own skill to survive, the holy Cleric trusts only in the will of the Divine, the mythical god of Penundra. Their faith is their shield, their righteousness is their sword, and their devotion to the Divine grants them victory, for all things are possible in the Light of the Maker.

Within their class, each hero can receive specialized training, further expanding their repertoire of Skills and Abilities. Hero Training typically requires a higher level of commitment and only the most experienced heroes can receive multiple forms of training. Once a hero is trained, they cannot unlearn what they have learned. It is also likely that other practitioners will refuse to train them in multiple disciplines, so up and coming adventurers must choose wisely…

Training for each class is listed below:

Warriors- Fighter/Champion/Defender

Mystics-Elementalist/Storm Mage/Arch Mage



However, too many skills and too many abilities can leave even the most adept hero lost and confused and so an adventurer’s repertoire is broken into two types: Hero Skills and Hero Abilities

The Heroes

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