Welcome, brave heroes, to the untamed lands of Penundra. The island is teaming with uncharted forests, mysterious caves, and fantastic creatures. Magic, though rare and unpredictable, is alive and well and beings from all walks of life have come together to make what living they can from the oft harsh and unforgiving wilds that make up the Penundran landscape.

Some fight, some die, and all strive to make their mark on the world. It is within these struggles that stories of great renown have grown and what follows is yet another Tale of Penundra…


The Story Thus Far
Follow the trail of our heroes….

The Characters
Heroes, villains, and everything in between.

An introduction to the world of Penundra
You’ve heard the stories, but what about the truth? Follow to learn more about the strange island amidst the vast sea.

An introduction to the custom game system running the world of Penundra
Who can I become and how will I grow? This can help you understand anything and everything you can be in the land of Penundra

Tales of Penundra