Divine Four

The Divine Four are the four elements said to govern Divine intervention in the mortal realm. According to legend, each titanic element was used in the creation of Penundra and are separated into the following – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

The Mystics of Lorehaven study the way these elements interact with the world and are considered the chief authority on the application and philosophy of these strange energies.

And while any with the talent to shape the Divine Four are called Weavers, the Mystics are an actual organization of trained experts who have spent years studying runes and honing their abilities to call on the powers of creation.

Unlike creatures of the wild, who may have access to a numerous varieties of the Divine Four, humans can only access these elements through the use of Runes, significant symbols that serve as a gateway between the mortal world and the aether from which it was forged.

Runes will perform certain feats depending on the complexity of the markers and the understanding of the the Weaver calling upon them. The Mystics have identified countless Runes with different effects and in their library have accumulated numerous volumes on mixing and matching Rune affects with others.

It is said that a truly gifted Weaver can shape a Rune of an element in any way they see fit, but most find even the most basic invocations incredibly taxing both mentally and physically and prefer a Rune that does one thing well, versus forcing a basic Rune to work for everything.

Divine Four

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