Known as the “True People” amongst themselves, the Giants of Penundra are seen as living proof that the Divine Four are present in the land. Larger than the murderous Ogres, smarter than the vicious Trolls and as organized as countless little people, the Giants were one of the original inhabitants of Penundra. Their own history can’t quite agree on the specifics, but all Giants know that they were here long before the little people arrived and believe that one day they will take back the land that was theirs.

History and Nature
Unlike the lesser beings of the Penundran wilderness, the Giants are quite capable craftsmen and innovators. While their settlements may resemble little more than nomadic huts or caves to the little people, the Giants are just as capable of smithing metals, sowing fields, and building all manner of things from the world around them.

However, their large size and naturally tough skin makes the complex societies like the little people unnecessary and sometimes even counterproductive – the fields that feed an entire city could barely sustain a clan of 20 giants for more than a few months while the storms that sweep across the land and devastate fragile their wooden structures are little more than nuisances to the large beings.

Their innate toughness, combined with a strong sense of traditionalism and general mistrust of anything not giant-made, has led to the Giants almost universally rejecting the little people’s rapid expansion across their homeland as anything besides temporary. Giants are quite long-lived and view the little people as little more than insects – dangerous in numbers but destined to be squashed by the true people of Penundra.

Society and Culture
While the Giants do consider themselves the true people of Pendundra, they’re also fiercely territorial and are rarely found in groups larger than a 10 or 15. And of course, the two types of Giants can be seen as polar opposites – one group is as hard as ice and brings the cold of winter with them wherever they go, while the others are practically living furnaces and can set fire to a forest with a mere touch.


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